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Blizzard’s next-gen Titan is no longer a subscription MMO

Uh oh. Blizzard has been doing some real overhauling of its Titan game as of late, with a complete overhaul of who was working on it and what it was a few months back and now thanks to the growth and spread of free to play – and the slow death of subscription based MMOs – it will now be something else entirely.

“We're in the process of selecting a new direction,” Blizzard president Mike Morhaime said on a recent earnings call with investors. This doesn't necessarily mean that Titan will be a free to play MMO either, it could mean that the genre of game itself could be changing.

While Blizzard's flagship, but ageing MMO, World of Warcraft still has nearly eight million regular players, this is way down from its peak of over twelve million and pales in comparison to the numbers see by games like League of Legends, with its 30 million monthly players.

This is the kind of Titan game I could get behind. Some sort of, Space Cadets, multiplayer FTL type of deal. I call cathedral cannon.

It's quite clear that the age of the subscription MMO is coming to a steady end, with only WoW (and to a lesser extent Eve online) really still profiting from it. All the others have gone the way of microtransactions, including Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons and many others.

The other business option taken by games like Guild Wars 2, is pay once for the main game and play forever.

Kitguru Says: Is Titan something you guys are geared up for? Or has it been too quiet for too long to really have developed much hype as of yet?

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