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CoD: Black Ops II last DLC Apocalypse, coming in four days

The last DLC expansion for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, is set to debut on the Xbox 360 in just four days time, with the premiere for the new content being shown on both Major League Gaming’s website and on its official Twitch TV channel, with eight professionals playing it at Treyarch’s New York studios.

Unveiled for the first time at the start of August, Apocalypse adds four new maps to the Black Ops multiplayer mode, though only two are completely new for this game. Takeoff and Dig are remakes of maps from the first Black Ops and World at War games.

Side by side comparison of the new and the old. Thanks CharlieIntel

Also included in this DLC is a new Zombies mode called “Origins,” which will see players meet up with the original heroes from the first Zombies map, in what Gamespot describes as a “dieselpunk-stylised World War I-era France.”

While the Xbox 360 is getting this DLC pack in just a few days time, PC and Ps3 gamers will need to wait another month or so before they get their first look in.

KitGuru Says: World at War was actually the last FPS I put a lot of time into. I think I played through MW2’s single player, but that was it. 

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