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HD Final Fantasy X | X2 looks a lot cleaner

If (like my brother) you’re a big fan of the Blitz Ball mini-gaming Final Fantasy X, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the remastered HD version is coming on apace and looks very clean compared to the original. The music and sound has seen some real improvement too. Have a look/listen:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhi7O565Ouo’]

Music is overhauled and modernised and it sounds like they might have recorded some new vocal grunts and moans from the characters when they’re putting that extra bit of power into their attacks. You be the judge if you think that’s necessary.

Even Guybrush Threepwood can’t hold his breath as long as this guy

We still don’t have a final release date for the X | X2 HD remaster, but we do know it’s coming this year on PS3 and PS Vita. As you might expect from the title, it’ll come with both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X2. So if you like throwing balls around under water and playing dress up, this could be for you.

Kitguru Says: Seriously, is every Final Fantasy going to get an HD remake except VII? I know it had an updated version with save states and micro-transaction buyable trainers, but why no graphical update for that?

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