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DayZ didn’t win mod of the year

I know, shocker right? Still, it’s a little more understandable when you see that it did at least take second place, beating out some very impressive creations. And in reality, coming second to the legendary Black Mesa, source recreation of the original Half Life, is hardly something to be ashamed of.

This is all part of ModDB’s yearly top ten mod count down (or count up, since it starts at 10), where the site’s users vote for their favourite mod of the past 12 months. There were some honourable mentions in the forms of Project Reality for Battlefield 2 and No More Room in Hell, as well as a couple of other long standing placements in the list: Third Age – Total War and Forgotten Hope 2.

Did your favourite make the list?

However for the main list, strategy gamers got a big look in this year, with three Company of Heroes mods breaking the top ten. Blitkrieg, Modern Combat and Eastern Front stole eighth, seventh and fourth on the table. Rise of the Reds for Command and Conquer Generals also made an appearance. Having been in development since 2004, coupled with Black Mesa, it’s the longest standing mod on the list.

For the full run down on each of the mods and their applicable games, check out the official page here.

KitGuru Says: This seems like a pretty fair run down, though I’d like to have seen Mount and Blade Warband mod, Prophesy of Pendor make an appearance. That’s been my favourite mod of the year. What about you guys?

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