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Affordable PC Gaming: 4 tips on how to manage it

While console gamers can simply purchase an Xbox or PlayStation from the nearest GameStop and enjoy fun straight out of the box, PC gamers don’t always have this luxury. It takes a lot of resources to build an efficient gaming machine. And if you aren’t careful, you could end up …

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PC gaming is what pushed Sony to build the PS4 Pro

This week, Sony took its first step away from long drawn-out console generations with the PS4 Pro, an upgraded console that builds on the foundation set by the original PS4, but offering more power to those looking for it. It wasn't competition from Xbox that spurred this decision though, Sony …

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Updated: Overclockers, GAME team up to get PCs in store

Update: Overclockers UK has announced that due to the success of its partnership with GAME stores in Basingstoke and Manchester, it will be rolling out its high-end gaming PCs and components to eight more locations around the country. Already prospective buyers can pop into Stockton's Teeside Shopping Park to see …

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Valve updates Steam with list of upcoming hardware

Valve has updated its Steam Universe page with a list of hardware all due to launch later this year, kicking off the company's assault on living room gaming. The Steam Universe page originally launched towards the end of 2013, when Valve announced the Steam Machines, controller and OS. On the …

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