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Discord is now going to double as a games store

At this point, Discord is the go-to communication platform for most PC gamers. For many, it has replaced Skype, TeamSpeak, Curse and most importantly, Steam chat. Now, Discord is going to be taking on Valve in another form, with the chat client set to get its own games store.

Discord today has announced that it will soon double as a games distribution platform, with THQ and Deep Silver being the first publishers to sign up to support. Discord isn't looking to offer every single game out there, and will instead focus on curating a storefront of specific recommendations.

Game distribution will work in two ways. Firstly, there will be a regular store that you can go to and buy new games, which you will then be able to launch from within Discord. Some of the first games available to buy will include Dead Cells, Frost Punk and Into The Breach. Additionally, Discord Nitro subscribers will get some nice extra benefits.

The $4.99 per month Nitro membership will now include access to a library of older games at no extra cost. At launch, this will include titles like Metro: Last Light Redux, Saints Row: The Third and Darksiders: Warmastered Edition.

KitGuru Says: Given how massive Discord is right now, this could end up being a good challenger to Steam. Then again, it does mean splintering your PC game collection across another launcher, which will surely annoy the Steam purists out there. What do you guys think of this latest move by Discord? Will it be successful? 

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