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Do you want to voice act in Mass Effect Andromeda? Here’s how

Ok so you're not a processional voice actor, but if friends and family have told you it's something you should explore, this contest might be worth looking into. BioWare has announced that it has need of voice actors for two new characters in Mass Effect Andromeda and you could earn those roles with a good internet audition.

This contest was announced in the Explorers Wanted video, which details the type of people BioWare is looking for and how to take part. You'll need to download the official script, practice the lines and then record yourself acting out the characters. It's quite simple really.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QLgy-1I3S8′]

There are two roles up for grabs: Touch Mercenary and Jordan Tate, freelance “vidmaker,” as he calls himself. There is a short script for each of them which can be found on the official jobs page, along with other details of the contest. Bioware isn't looking for accents, or videos, or make up – it just wants to hear your natural voice.

The competition is only open to those ‘of age' (region depending) and residents of the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. If you win, you'll be flown out to Bioware's professional recording studio and given accommodation for two nights.

Submissions will be accepted until the 28th September, at which point judging will begin at Bioware's facilities, with an announcement on the winner(s) made by 30th November.

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KitGuru Says: Are there any budding voice actors among you? This could be a good chance to get your foot in the door if so. 

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