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Does gaming make you a bad politician?

Being a gamer might not affect your actual skillset as far as being a politician goes, but it certainly seems to be giving ammunition to the opponents of one US democratic candidate. Colleen Lachowicz, who is trying to be elected as a member of the senate, is being attacked for playing World of Warcraft.

Of course this is all part and parcel of the American election system, where candidates attack each other as much as they promote themselves, with everyone looking for a talking point that can make their opponent look foolish. In this instance, WoW is the ammunition, with the republicans claiming that it's far too time consuming a hobby, citing statistics like the fact that the “average World of Warcraft gamer is 28 and spends 22.7 hours a week playing.”

Of course that would be no more than three hours a day, even if Miss Lachowicz fitted into the average band.

WoW Rogue
Unless you see WoW as a bad thing in itself, this ad doesn't say anything particularly negative

They also suggest that the game is violent and promotes violence, pulling quotes from Miss Lachowicz during her time speaking to blog, Daily Kos. Pretty much all of them are to do with her time within Azeroth, so while described as “violent” they are merely discussing the quite cartoonish actions of her alter ego. The instances where she is quoted as swearing, are related to her favourite part of the Vagina monologues.

WoW Lachowicz
This one gets a little bit more aggressive Source: PCGamesN

KitGuru Says: Do you guys think this will impact Miss Lachowicz attempts to be elected to the senate? If so, do you think it should?

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