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Don’t worry everyone, Nintendo is patching the gay bug

Nintendo caused quite a stir last week when it was revealed that players in the Japanese only game, Tomodochi Collection: New Life, were able to marry two male characters and even have and raise children with them. However, Nintendo has now announced that this was a bug and it will be fixed.

This “bug” only worked with two male miis and would not allow two female characters to get together. Males however, could marry, share baths, “go steady,” have children (maybe one of the character’s last name is Schwarzenegger?) and raise them together.

Aww… Source: JapaneseVW

Today though, Nintendo released a statement, saying that anyone experiencing problems with: “the inability to boot up the game, error messages, human relations that become strange, the inability to save,” should download the latest patch for the game. “Human relations become strange,” it could just be a bad translation, but that PR might come back to haunt Nintendo in the future.

Just to be sure, anyone playing this now should not download the patch if they want to continue with their gay couples, as it’s not quite clear yet if this patch “fixes” the issue.

KitGuru Says: Considering how same-sex couples are becoming more of a common thing in games, I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t just run with this as an added feature and keep it in the game.

[Cheers Kotaku]

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