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Fancy a drink at the local esports bar?

It was way back at the end of January that I discussed why I felt esports were better than real sports and apparently I'm not the only one, as a bar is now set to open up in out fair capital, providing gaming inspired drinks while broadcasting esports as the in-house entertainment.

This isn't the first one of its kind to open in the world and is in-fact part of the Meltdown brand, with esports bars already open in Paris and Berlin. The London based outlet is set to open on 1st June, serving drinks seven days a week. Some of the ones available include a Force Field, Dark Ritual, Blanka and Blue Flame (thanks Eurogamer).

Apparently the French love their esports. Source: Cadred

Once open, you'll be able to visit the Meltdown location from 5Pm through to midnight  – 1:30AM on weekends – and you'll be able to watch esports action on a variety of different monitors, displays and projectors throughout the venue.

However if watching isn't your bag, you'll be able to have a go yourself, on a variety of freely accessibly setup PCs, which will feature games like Starcraft (1+2), League of Legends, DotA (1+2) and Counterstrike.

The Meltdown brand is also looking to set up at least one more bar in Stockholm, Sweden, but it will likely continue from there if each location is successful.

KitGuru Says: Finally, a drinking establishment that's kitted out for nerds. Throw up a wargaming table in the corner and it'd be heaven. 

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