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League of Legends on a console, Tencent launches TGP box

Parent company of Riot Games, Tencent, has launched a new piece of hardware called the TGP (Tencent Games Platform) box. Acting a little like a Steam machine that runs Windows 10, the system offers Chinese gamers the chance to play popular games like League of Legends, without requiring a gaming …

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Tencent founder makes $2 billion charity stock pledge

The CEO and co-founder of Tencent, parent company of game developers like Riot, has announced that he will donate 100 million of the company’s shares to charity. The move is being hailed as one of the biggest philanthropic gestures in China’s history and is estimated to be worth around $2 billion (£1.39 billion). …

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Can Immortals challenge Korean LoL supremacy?

As the most watched Esport in the world, League of Legends has millions of players around the world, many of them hoping to make it as professionals. But over the past few years, Korean teams have dominated in the finals. Will this year be any different? The undefeated North American …

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ESPN just launched it own Esports site

ESPN has finally begun to take Esports seriously, launching a new website dedicated entirely to pro-gaming. It features coverage of many of the latest news stories for some of the more popular competitive games, as well as twinned social media accounts, strategy videos and profiles of the most iconic players …

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Tencent now owns Riot Games, League of Legends

Although it started life as an indie developer back in the mid-00s, Riot Games has been anything but for a long time. That’s why over the past few years it’s courted investment from companies like Tencent, a Chinese game publisher and holding company. And now Riot has sold itself body …

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