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Riot’s Project L fighting game seemingly coming to consoles

First revealed back in 2019, Project L is an upcoming free-to-play tag team fighting game set in the world of Runeterra and is being published by Riot Games. So far, the game has only been confirmed to be releasing for the PC platform – in alignment with Riot’s other releases such as League of Legends. That said, as part of a recent banquet held in Japan, it was seemingly revealed that the much-anticipated title will also be coming to consoles.

Taking to Twitter, GamerBeeTW was one of many who were invited to attend a banquet in Japan dedicated to Project L, in which Riot showcased new gameplay and hosted a Q&A session. As shared by GamerBeeTW in a post translated by ChatGPT, a number of interesting tidbits were revealed, with Riot claiming that the upcoming Project L is “still far from the close beta stage, let alone release.”

Though unsurprising, it was also confirmed that the title will operate under the live-service moniker, meaning it will receive continuous updates following its official launch with no plans for a sequel.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation was the fact that the game is also set to come to consoles, with GamerBeeTW claiming that Riot “are working hard to coordinate with PlayStation and hope to create a fighting game with the same input lag across all platforms” – the first official confirmation of its multi-platform status.

One respondee asked for clarification on that final point, saying “are they confirming it’ll be on consoles and not PC only?” to which GamerBeeTW responded by stating that “They want more people can (sic) play it, so they are considering release on consoles.”

Though perhaps unsurprising, it is welcome to see that when it does finally come out, Project L will most likely be coming to consoles. Of course, a lot can happen between now and the game’s eventual launch, and so we will have to wait and see – but still, the news is exciting nonetheless.

KitGuru says: What do you think of Project L so far? When do you think it will release? Do you think the game will come to consoles? Let us know down below.

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