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Riot Games outlines its new company values

2018 wasn’t the best year for Riot Games, with an exposé revealing discriminatory behaviour that ultimately led to the suspension of chief operating officer (COO) Scott Gelb. In an effort to move forward, the League of Legends developer has now updated its 2012 manifesto by outlining its five core values. …

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Riot trialling immediate bans for toxic behaviour

Riot has announced a new temporary system that’s being trialled on each server, that will see it banning all toxic players on League of Legends, either temporarily over a two week period, or permanently if they’ve been given a warning before. Part of this is to do with a new “machine …

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Riot fines LoL pro player over toxic play

“Toxic” players is a term thrown around a lot in the League of Legends community, often aimed at the worst of a small group of players that make a habit of belittling others and harassing their gameplay at every turn. However sometimes that attitudes pervades the professional leagues as well …

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