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Evercore Heroes is a competitive PvE MOBA from ex-Riot Games devs

Vela Games, a studio formed by former Blizzard and Riot developers, has now unveiled its first game – Evacore Heroes. While this looks like a MOBA at first glance, the team is doing something a little different here, emphasising co-op play in a PvE setting rather than direct PvP competition. 

In Evercore Heroes, players work together to level up their heroes and defend their base from waves of monsters instead of attacking the other teams. The game features a variety of playable heroes with abilities inspired by characters from various established games, which isn't surprising considering some of the lead developers have experience from working for game studios such as Blizzard and Riot Games.

Players eager to try Evercore Heroes can purchase one of three founders packs starting at $20. All packs include an exclusive battle pass, instant hero unlocks, a spare beta key for a friend (three on the Evercore Hero pack), and various skins and cosmetics. The founder's battle pass contains exclusive skins, emotes, voice lines, and in-game currencies that won't expire. Players who buy any pack will get heroes Beko, Fyn, Shade, and Zari when they log into the game.

One of the core principles of Evercore Heroes is to avoid the toxicity that can come with conflicting goals among team members. To that end, Vela Games is looking into ways for matchmaking to recognize players who are still testing out new heroes to match them with others who share a similar mindset.

Work with your team to level up, empower your abilities, and collect Luum, the resource that determines your score. Each map (currently three) has unique objectives and bosses that work like MMO encounters. Evercore Heroes is set to launch as a closed beta on June 20th. All progress from this phase will pass on to the full release planned for later this year. The game will be free-to-play.

KitGuru says: While it remains to be seen if the matchmaking system will work as intended, the game's emphasis on collaborative play and unique objectives make it stand out from the usual PvP-focused games in the genre.

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