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Riot’s upcoming fighting game ‘Project L’ will be free to play

Back in 2019, Riot set out on a journey to expand its fanbase well beyond League of Legends. Since then, Riot has launched Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, TFT and Wild Rift, but the company has yet to launch its fighting game, known as Project L. It looks like that will be changing soon. 

In an update this week, Project L director, Tom Cannon, touched on what the team has been up to in recent months. Last year, the team landed on Project L being a team-based fighter with assist mechanics. Now, the team has landed on teams of two, so you'll have two fighters per match, and you can use your secondary fighter to perform assist moves to aid the battle.

At this point, the team has mostly finished putting the core mechanics in place, and many have now moved on to other tasks, like creating new characters and designing social features. Riot has also now confirmed that Project L will be a free-to-play game, which isn't surprising, as Riot has always had great success with the F2P model. Cannon does promise that the team will remain respectful of players' time and wallets though.

Based on the video, it sounds like Project L is close to the finish line, so in 2023, we would expect to see Riot gearing up for a launch, with the first public playtests, a final name for the game, character roster reveals and a release date.

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KitGuru Says: Project L seems to be making good progress but Riot's not quite ready for a full reveal just yet. From the sounds of it though, that will be changing in the year ahead. 

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