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Legends of Runeterra launches today across PC, iOS and Android

Following on from the launch announcement a few weeks ago, today Riot Games is officially releasing Legends of Runeterra. The card game is available across PC, iOS and Android starting today, complete with a new set of 120 cards to freshen things up for old and new players alike.

Legends of Runeterra features 7 card classes, 35 champions and over 400 cards, 120 of which are brand new, even to those who played the beta previously. The new ‘Rising Tides' set also brings in more champions from the League of Legends universe and new card mechanics, so there should not be a preset ‘meta' for a while as players start to figure out the game and the best strategies.

Speaking about the launch, Legends of Runeterra executive producer, Jeff Jew, said: “Our commitment to strategic interactive gameplay, rich deckbuilding, and amazing champion moments remains as strong as ever, and now is the perfect time to jump in and explore all that Runeterra has to offer. Thank you to everyone who played and provided feedback during the beta, and for everyone that’s joining us now, see you in game!”

Progression at launch is very friendly too, with systems in place to earn all available cards for free. Although you can also choose to buy card packs if you have the cash to spend.

Legends of Runeterra can be downloaded from the game's official website, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: I played quite a bit of Runeterra on PC during the beta but now it is likely going to become my main iPad game. Did any of you try this out during closed or open beta? Are you going to be jumping in for the first time today?

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