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Riot Games owner has a 40 per cent stake in Epic Games


The parent company of League of Legends creators, Riot Games, Tencent, now owns a 40 per cent stake in Epic Games after its $330 million buy up of shares last year, giving it the chance to add a couple of its own executives to the Unreal developer’s board. These are likely …

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Riot Games opens Sydney office


Maker and runner of League of Legends, Riot Games, has announced that it has opened a new office in Sydney, Australia and is already looking for new blood to staff it. Do you have what it takes? The two new positions available – who will presumably be joining others, it …

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League of Legends coming to Steam?


League of Legends has been making a lot of journalistic waves in the past few days, with the biggest focus on the removal and crack down on trolls. However the big rumour today is that the world’s most popular game could be coming to Steam. The hints come from entries …

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Riot looking into anti-troll psychology

Troll Hunter

While Riot might be coming right off the back of its banning of a pro League of Legends player, it’s still hot at work on figuring out the best way to combat one of the game’s big problems: the persistence of negative and trolling players. MOBA titles have a reputation for having …

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