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These Lego League of Legends designs are awesome

League of Legends is a big deal these days, with Esports, plushies, clothing and of course, the game itself, but there's always room for one more product. With that in mind, Addam, a username with no other designation, has created 3D renderings of League of Legends characters, in lego.

He's currently looking to have them voted up through Lego's Cuusoo site, where members of the community can vote on their favourite designs, with those reaching more than 10,000 votes getting the chance to be reviewed by Lego officials and potentially made into real world kits. As it stands, he's reached over 5,000, so head on over if you want to help the cause.

Admittedly Blitzcrank is quite obviously the best of the lot…

So far we've seen Lego versions of Baron Nashor, champions like Blitzcrank and Lux, along with towers, creeps and more.

If you want more information on these as it comes, check out Addam's creations on Facebook too.

KitGuru Says: This is pretty cool if you ask me. Can easily see one of these completed kits sitting on my desk, keeping me company during the long, hard days of tapping away at a Kitguru terminal. 

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