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Chinese developer rips off everyone in League of Legends clone

We all know that China isn’t afraid of a little copyright infringement now and again. This is the country with actual stores that are rip offs of Western ones. However, fake Apple devices is one thing, but copying League of Legends in almost every way possible? Adding heroes that bear a striking resemblance to Shrek, Wall E and Angry Birds? Now you’ve gone too far.

It’s called 300 Heroes and it features only one gameplay mode at the moment 10 vs 10, making the beta footage coming out of it quite frenetic. The game’s definitely a lot slower though, as character health bars are whittled away in minuscule amounts.

Then again, would you do much damage if this was one of your special abilities?

Yea, that’s Shrek – “Green Ogre” in the game – throwing a giant version of Donkey

As mentioned, Wall-E also makes an appearance, as well as several big characters from the manga, Naruto. As you might expect as well – considering the entire Summoner’s Rift has been nabbed, many, many League of Legends heroes make an appearance too – though often with a reskin.

This game is only available in China and is likely to stay that way, as trying to release it anywhere else would cause a flurry of lawsuits. That said, Chinese run Tencent is a majority owner of Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, so it may yet have something to say about this.

KitGuru Says: While only in beta and only technically available in China, you can get in on the action if you really want to play as Wall-E and punch a reskinned Ezreal, you can learn how here.

[Cheers Kotaku]

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  • masterspeaks

    Your derision of this company is fairly hilarious when we consider the history of the “moba” genre. It consists of various companies ripping off of the original WC3 mod, Riot games included, to create the Dota2, LoL, Marvel Heroes, etc that we see today.

    Perhaps this Chinese company is merely on more in the long line of companies looking to cash-in on the “moba” bandwagon. Their blatant use of Naruto and Shrek is hilarious nonetheless.

  • JackTheRipoff

    I think your referring to Infinite Crisis (which has DC comics heroes and _not_ marvel) as another MOBA ripoff / clone like league of legends?

    Marvel Heroes is ARPG (ActionRPG MMO) inspired by Diablo series, but unlike Diablo which is just ActionRPG, marvel heroes actually has MMO feature.

    But the point the video is making is clear:

    even though there are lots of clone games, the game showed in this video hasnt done anything from scratch unlike DawnGate or any other MOBA like Smite etc.

    That being said, i would love to see a Naruto or any other animé MOBA but i prefer it to be made from scratch and have completely its own GFX Interface etc.

  • Powr

    masterspeaks – so you mean how every FPS since Wolfenstein 3D was a total ripoff and should have never been made? Or should we count Doom, since it had coop and deathmatch, so everyone since, including deathmatch in a game are just ripping off?

  • Infinity

    @masterspeaks: Idk if you can call LoL or DotA2 a ripoff of DotA, cause clearly the ppl designing DotA were part of the designers for LoL (atleast LoL there I can confirm 100%) and I guess for DotA 2 it’s the f****** same. Never played Marvel Heroes and I won’t give it a shot either. I stick with LoL and DotA2.

  • Jiral

    Developer is ZQ Games… Last year that game was making a uproar since the first YouTube video of that game uploaded by a non-Chinese appeared.