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UK government wants 10 year jail sentences for online piracy

Following on from an almost year-long consultation on the matter, the UK government has decided that two-year maximum prison sentences for those caught sharing copyrighted material online might not be enough, and now wants to push for a ten-year maximum sentence instead. According to an Intellectual Property Office report, this …

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Eminem taking NZ National Party to court next week

Copyright protection is there for a reason, we're always told. It's there to protect the rights of artists to benefit from their hard work and creativity – and to an extent, that's true. Governments usually agree on this too, which is why copyright law has been a major component in …

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US cracking down on app piracy

FBI Seized

While organisations like the MPAA and RIAA get a lot of press for lobbying governments into taking down music and movie related file sharing sites, the US authorities have been targeting a new kind of piracy as well – app piracy. In a single swipe, the US government has taken …

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SurftheChannel owner gets four years, PirateParty comments

SurfTheChannel Anton Vickerman

The man behind Surfthechannel.com, a site that offered links to websites streaming copyright protected content has been sentenced to four years in jail. Found guilty for fraud and facilitating copyright infringement, 38 year old Anton Vickerman, designed the site and took others onboard to help source movies and TV shows …

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