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League of Legends now has team support icons

League of Legends is a popular game in its own right, but it's also a flagship competitive esports title and that means the best teams in the world get a lot of support. To help improve that, Riot Games has now introduced team badges for average Joes, meaning you and I can put down a few Riot Points and show who we're backing in the upcoming World Championships.

Got a favourite team? It'll cost you 250RP to let everyone know it. When purchased, it is permanently added to your account and you can change to it from your usual image of what-ever random picture you chose when you first set up the account.


However, not everyone just wants to show support for one team in particular. A lot of people have players they love from multiple teams or want to see all North American teams – or European ones – do well, so Riot has now brought about icon bundles. For 1600 RP – about £7 – you can buy all eight of either the EU or NA team icons. If you want the whole lot though, you can shell out 3000 RP.

Before you get irate that this is a lot of money for some little pictures, Riot has clarified (thanks PCGamesN) that 20 per cent of all money spent on these goes to individual teams, whilst the remaining 80 per cent goes to future esports prizes.

All summoner icons (including team ones) will be shown during the loading screen of each game, letting you show where your loyalties lie in every game.

KitGuru Says: Can't say I'll be buying any as I tend to just like watching competitive games, I don't have a favourite team. Maybe you guys do though? If so, will you be showing your support with a purchase? 

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