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Currys and PCWorld predict Xbox One ‘top xmas gift’

All our polls show the opposite, but PC World and Currys are predicting that the Microsoft Xbox One will be the UK's best selling tech gift at Christmas this year.

DSG, the parent group of both PC World and Currys were accurate with their predictions last year. They said that the iPad Mini would prove to be one of the top five sellers and the larger iPad the best seller overall. They were right.
PS4 vs Xbox One composite

Currys and PC World say this year that the Playstation 4 will get the second spot behind the Xbox One. It will be interesting to see how it pans out, especially as the Xbox One has received a lukewarm reception so far, and the price will be higher than the Playstation 4 on launch day. Part of this cost will be for the Kinect unit, however it still factors into the price to the consumer.

We asked readers on our Facebook page which they prefered and over 90 percent said the Playstation 4 suited their needs better. Obviously Kitguru has a very strong PC user base, so there will be an audience who have no interest in either console, but many PC gamers like a console close to the television as a supplement for their gaming needs.

The iPad Mini is third on the Currys and PCWorld best seller prediction list.

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