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Ditch your mouse, get SKYMOUSE!

The traditional mouse we use today has been around for decades. While the optics have improved and the designs look more futuristic every year – the style of operation is still the same.

The SkyMouse is a KickStarter campaign which is set to revolutionise the way we use a computer. It has been designed by Eliott Ephrati from Los Angeles. The SkyMouse uses infrared LED’s and an infrared camera to track the movement of ‘Skymouse Pointers’ that are worn on the persons fingertips. Software translates the hand movements into onscreen movements of the cursor.

The SkyMouse is plug and play and can recognise commands like left and right clicks, middle clicks and scrolling. A developer kit is also being offered to help people create their own custom commands and gestures.

Obviously there are concerns in regards to typing. After all if you are wearing pointers on your fingers, how can you use your hand to type on the keyboard. Ephrati says he has this issue resolved by releasing a second version which will work with naked fingers.

A minimum pledge of $70 on KickStarter will get you a SkyMouse and four Skymouse pointers, if they reach the target goal. There are other pledges available, including the ‘hacker pack’ for $180, which allows the person to modify the software for custom commands. The units should start shipping in April 2014.

So far they have reached a goal of $10,000 of the $80,000 needed. Worth a punt? We think so. Head over here to get involved.

Kitguru says: Some issues to redress, but the potential is certainly there.

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  • dark_skeleton

    Looks pretty useless and uncomfortable to me. Imagine playing games with this piece of junk for longer period of time. And the station must see your fingers. Not worth backing imho, better get a Hydra if you’re into such controls.

  • boomtarat

    i agree with dark^^^ looks good but not practical in gaming.

  • Amaeldude


    This is how it’s supposed to be done.