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Chongqing, China just got a League of Legends restaurant

If you’re taking a trip to China in the near future and you happen to be a big fan of Riot Game’s MOBA League of Legends, there’s one particular place you might want to make sure you visit: The League of Legends restaurant in Chongqing.

What makes it so? Well there’s a lot of LoL inspired artwork around the place, as well as figurines on display and a computer where you can have a game of League on. On top of this, staff are all dressed up as characters from the game and they serve food and drink inspired by it too.

Unfortunately the restaurant isn’t called Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline, but it is called Demacia – named after the region that the League of Legends world takes place in.

"I just got a reservation at Demacia."

Within the menu, there’s dishes themed after individual champions, including ones for Urgot and Skarner – two of my main champs.

League of Legends
Ramus main followed by an Annie desert? Source: MMOCulture

MMOCulture has a full rundown and a lot of pictures of the facility and also reports that over $160,000 (£103,000) was spent on the restaurant’s renovation.

KitGuru Says: I must admit, if this was down the road the from me I’d be there like a shot. Gimmicky or not, this just looks fun.

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