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New League of Legends champions crowned

If you haven't been keeping up with the latest season of League of Legends championship series, you may have missed that over the weekend, a new team was crowned champions, netting not only the glory of being the best team in the world for (potentially) a brief moment, but a million dollars in prize money too.

This time the glory goes to Korean team SK Telecom T1, who managed to steamroll through their opponents through the quarter, semi and final finals, beating not only the defeaters of last year's champions, the Gama Bears, but their main opponents in the last match up, in three straight victories. This is perhaps even more impressive, given the fact that the entirety of the SK Telecom T1 team, was previously its B team, or T1 2. These guys weren't even considered the best among their own team mates back in May, and today they're the best in the world.

Gamers, ladies… beware

One of the tournament's standouts, Piglet, who plays AD for SK, is even more of a notable case, having never played a game in a professional capacity before joining the team in June.

To accompany the closing phases of the tournament, Riot Games, the developer and mastermind of these esports events, released an infographic detailing some of the stats from the season's finals. The aforementioned Piglet emerged as the player with the highest Kill/Death/Assist ratio, with 37/8/41 going into the final games, while Piglet's opposite number, Royal Club's Uzi, had the highest gold Gold Per Minute statistic with 419 before the final matchups.

Some of the most popular champions were Shen and Corki, with Zed seeing a ban in a total of 18 games – though he does have the highest win rate, only being chosen once and delivering a 100 per cent victory thanks to that.

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One stat that is perhaps a little more relevant to the average player however, is the First Objective Win Rates, which show that if you manage to get first blood, first tower or first dragon, you have around two thirds chance of winning the game. That goes up to almost 90 per cent if you can net the first baron kill and if you managed to get the first inhibitor destruction, you have a near 100 per cent chance of victory.

Kitguru Says: There's been some great coverage of the event that ran in the early hours of saturday, which shows a very excited crowd for a game that is only growing in popularity. With prize money like that, the game itself will continue to draw the best gamers from around the world, making LoL look like there's no stopping it. 

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