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GTA V has already sold more than GTA IV

In the wake of the GTA V release, if you still think there was a big splash surrounding the release of its predecessor GTA IV, back in 2008 (it was the reason I bought my 360), forget it, that game's got nothing on its younger brother. GTA V ladies and gentleman, has outsold its predecessor in the UK, in just three weeks.

According to stats from the boys at Eurogamer, GTA V managed to sell over 1.5 million copies in the UK in juts day one sales, which beat out big hitter Call of Duty: Black Ops by over 150,000 units. This, combined with continued high sales numbers, has gotten GTA V into the top five selling games of all time, but considering we're only a few weeks in and haven't even begun to take into consideration potential sales of the game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC when those versions are released later this year (and potentially next), it's still got a long way to go.

Rockstar made more money, developing a game about robbing banks, than people that actually rob banks. 

The latest crime simulator title has been so successful in-fact, it's personally responsible for turning around the UK retail game industry. Thanks to MCV data, we know that Rockstar's latest opus accounted for over half of all games sold in the UK during September. This is particularly impressive because that month (as well as containing my birthday) also saw the release of the latest FIFA game, which is always a big seller.

Kitguru Says: Rockstar really cleaned up with this one didn't it. If there was ever a case for AAA gaming still being a profitable business model, this is it. You just have to have a perfect storm of hype, franchise history and gameplay to back it all up. 

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