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Riot Games opens Sydney office

Maker and runner of League of Legends, Riot Games, has announced that it has opened a new office in Sydney, Australia and is already looking for new blood to staff it. Do you have what it takes?

The two new positions available – who will presumably be joining others, it won’t just be a pair of you in an office alone – are for a community manager and an e-sports co-coordinator, which suggests Riot is looking to increase its exposure in the digital gaming spectrum down under.

Currently some of the biggest Esports markets are Asia and the US, with Europe following on behind it. Being quite far from any of these hubs of activity, Australia has lagged behind the rest of the world with regards to high speed internet and therefore it’s gaming scene isn’t quite as well developed. However with interest from Riot, that could well be about to change.

Why enjoy the sun, surf and beer the country is famous for when you could play some League of Legends?

Are you a rioter? See what they did there?

Those who want to apply to the new positions must know LoL very well. Why? We’ll let Riot explain: “Applicants should first learn about Riot and play League of Legends because we’re looking for people who, like us, take play seriously and for whom it’s never “just a game”. We play lots of games, especially our own, because hands-on gaming experience is our ultimate guiding compass.”

KitGuru Says: I wonder if working at Riot is like playing the game itself. You’re having fun until you decide to try something a bit different, step outside the meta if you will, and then you get shouted at by not only your boss, but everyone working around you and reported. I bet it’s exactly like that.

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