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A League of Legends card game? Sure, why not

If the popularity of the WoW Hearthstone trading card game beta is any measure of success, then I'm thinking Riot Games could do quite well with its own take on the genre, by using the plethora of heroes and abilities it has under its intellectual property banner. Unfortunately however, the leaked images of card outlines and icons was just a prototype that Riot was working on at one point – but no word if that development is continuing.

This all came to light over the weekend, when Riot CEO, Marc Marrill, was on the unfortunate end of a Twitter hack, that saw his account compromised and used to send out images from a League of Legends themed card game. Those tweets have now been deleted, but were preserved by some intrepid screengrabbers:


Some of the images released include card backgrounds, outlines and backs, giving us an idea of the art style Riot would have adopted with its Supremacy game mode:


Then there's this awesome login screen:


Beyond that, there's not much to say. When Marc got a hold of his Twitter account again, he explained that Supremacy was something that Riot had worked on as a prototype, but he stopped short of saying whether it would ever see the light of day.

For a full rundown of the images leaked by the faux-Marc, check out Reign of Gaming.

KitGuru Says: I love a good card game and a League of Legends themed one could be great fun, especially considering the huge numbers of already designed characters and abilities. 

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