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DICE will support Linux

In recent weeks a lot of companies have been announcing support for Linux. So far we've had: Valve, AMD, Nvidia and now DICE. In an interview with Polygon the company's director, Lars Gustavsson, said it would only need a single “killer” game for the platform to become incredibly popular.

In the past some platforms have really taken off because of that one ‘must have' app; Gustavsson mentions Halo for the original Xbox as an example. DICE want to make the ‘Halo' of Linux, starting off with a port of Frostbite Engine 3.


It's not all about the Triple A titles though, Indie developers will play a huge part on building up Linux, making it a mainstream platform. Valve has put a ton of time and effort into getting Indie titles onto Steam and helping them become as recognisable as the bigger budget ones. Recently Square Enix entered the arena with its own Indie development programme.


All of this Indie support already present on Linux, coupled with the recognition from big devs such as DICE gives Linux, Steam OS and the Steam Machines a real fighting chance.

KitGuru Says: Valve is such a huge company in the PC space that it's no surprise that it has the influence to bring all of this support and attention to Linux. Hopefully more developers will follow suit making Linux a truly viable platform for people who just want to play games on their machines without having to spend £100 on Windows as well. 

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