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Steam Machines are dead according to Origin PC CEO

During an interview with GameSpot today at the Consumer Electronics Show Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski revealed his thoughts on the state of Steam Machines and they are not great. He did however have some positive news about Valve's Steam Controller though, in that it has now been finalized after several iterations and …

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Syber Vapor: Another Windows-based ‘game console’ emerges

Valve Software’s inability to ship SteamOS and Steam Controller this year has upset many gaming PC makers, who hoped to boost their sales with new systems designed specifically for living rooms. Apparently, many companies now launch what was supposed to be Steam Machines as console-like gaming PCs with Microsoft Corp.’s …

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Asus has revealed its two Steam Machines

Asus has just revealed two of its own Steam Machines at Computex, the new systems will release under the company's ‘Republic of Gamers' brand. One of the upcoming Steam OS powered PC's will be a tiny, console like system while the other has more in common with a regular desktop. …

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DICE will support Linux

In recent weeks a lot of companies have been announcing support for Linux. So far we've had: Valve, AMD, Nvidia and now DICE. In an interview with Polygon the company's director, Lars Gustavsson, said it would only need a single “killer” game for the platform to become incredibly popular. In the …

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There will be AMD based Steam Machines

Last week Valve revealed the specs for the 300 prototype Steam Machines, based entirely on Intel and Nvidia hardware. Considering all the hype around AMD recently with the launch of the Mantle API and the forthcoming R9 290X graphics card, this move was surprising. It even led to  rumours that …

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