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Don’t worry League of Legends will work over Christmas

If you were worried that all that family time, good food and present opening would take time away from racking up IP on the Summoner's Rift, then don't fret, Riot games has you covered. It's announced in a new post that there will be some specific technology in place to keep you gaming over Christmas.

“Many of you have been asking how we're going to ensure you can play over the holidays,” said Riot's EU managing director, Errigal, on Reign of Gaming. The first answer to that, is that Riot is introducing “Riot Direct” to its Frankfurt datacentre, which will mean that in the case of heavy bandwidth (which shouldn't be the case, but just to be sure), the EUE and EUW servers will be able to switch between four different providers, easing traffic on any cramped server while Riot staff are busy being sociable with their families.

“What's that Jimmy? You're going to buy her skin? Is that even legal in most countries?”

However because you guys are such rabid gamers, the Riot network engineers will be on standby over the Christmas period, ensuring you can get some games come hell or high water.

“Finally, to ensure stability on all global environments, we're going to freeze any non-essential updates until January. This excludes important fixes and stability works if they are needed,” concluded Errigal.

To help counter the stability and lag issues that have been persistent with some LoL servers for the past couple of months, moving forward Riot also plans to upgrade its data-centres with new hardware. It'll take some time but should be completed by the end of March.

Kitguru Says: Unless a family member bought you Riot points and you're showing the skin you're buying with them, I hope you don't end up playing LoL on Christmas day. There's far too much good real world stuff to be doing for that.

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