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Go Away Cameron- A Chrome extension that bypasses filters

Lets face it, it was only a matter of time before this happened- A Chrome extension that goes by the name of ‘Go Away Cameron’ has been released. It’s a handy little tool that disarms the ISP filters that UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has forced the likes of Sky, BT and Virgin Media to enforce.

The creator isn’t actually from the UK but has decided to intervene anyway, the Singapore based creator goes by his Twitter name, ‘Nubela’: “I built this Chrome extension to bypass UK’s censorship. It is the easiest way to access blocked sites. Simply install the GAC Chrome extension, login, and the blocked sites are immediately bypassed.”


For those who don’t know, this year David Cameron started a campaign to force Internet Service Providers to automatically censor the Internet from sites he deems harmful to children. He was also a big fan of the Chinese company, Huawei, which took charge of the compulsory filters that the ISP, Talk Talk had implemented. To satisfy the PM, other big providers created an ‘opt out’ filter service which would arrive already switched on for new customers. So far the censorship has been a bit hit and miss with some helpful and educational sites being blocked while actual porn sites have slipped through the cracks.

In the end though, none of this really matters as filters are incredibly easy to bypass. This appropriately named Chrome extension is just the start, we also have VPN tools on our side as well as a series of unblocked URL’s that take us right to whichever censored website we want to go to.

KitGuru Says: The Internet frowns on censorship, sure it starts with noble intentions such as ‘protecting the children’ but that could quite easily slip in to blocking anything the government doesn’t approve of. I think the worst thing about these filters is the free pass it gives to parents as parents should be responsible for what their children are looking at as well as educating them about it.

Source: TechRadar

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  1. Should’ve been called the “Susan” add-on, a-la Alan Partridge’s request to unblock the porn filter on his telly – “Susan. Can you make porn appear on my telly?”

  2. Tired of hearing about ‘protect the children’ argument from Camtwit or even on articles … He doesn’t care about children when he gives the ‘rich’ tax breaks while raising it for those that can’t afford it .. He doesn’t care about the children when him and his goonies take pay rises (and expenses on top) and the average joe is paying it .. He should pull his head outta his backside and realize the UK isn’t gonna stand by him or stand by as he tried to censor the things he decides are ‘unsafe for children’ when really the most damaging thing that needs censored is him and his goonies