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DotA 2 G-1 esports league disrupted by DDOS attack

The Chinese run G-1 esports League that was set to run qualifying games for its DotA tournament, found itself under a DDOS attack, that was supposedly used in order to manipulate results of the games to affect the outcome of a large bet placed on the games.

According to PCGamesN, the attack began during a match between Evil Geniuses and Absolute Legends, where the former team’s players began disconnecting from the game and couldn’t reconnect. Unsure how to proceed, the admins declared the match postponed until a solution could be found. Ultimately however, Absolute Legends were given the win, due to the team’s dominance at the time of the disconnects.


Other teams were also affected including Kaipi, which saw one of its players drop. Despite this, the team was able to battle back and ultimately win the game even though they were a man down.

Skype is the suggested culprit for the vulnerability, which allowed the IP addresses of those playing to be discovered and then bombarded with botnet traffic in order to make their connectivity difficult and in some cases, impossible to maintain.

Esports betting sites have confirmed that if any foul play is discovered, all bets will be considered off.

KitGuru Says: That’s all well and good, but that’s only if its discovered. Of course some foul play took place, but how do you prove one of those that betted was responsible?

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