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Come take part in this crowd sourced music video

The internet is all about getting people involved: flash mobs, DDOS attacks, and now crowd sourced music videos. Coming from the band Light Light, their song Kilo, features the mouse pointers of everyone that watches the video, which now numbers in the thousands. Those watching must take part and follow on screen instructions. The final result is pretty cool.

Understandably English speaking countries dominate the video so far

The video was created by a Dutch design studio called Moniker and it sees participants in the video follow a green blob on the screen, attempt to cover a semi-nude model, avoid all other mouse pointers and various other instructions that not only give you an interesting, organic moving mass of mouse pointers, but an interesting look into the reaction times of viewers.

If you want to download the track, you can do so here.

KitGuru Says: Really it’s pretty difficult to describe this one so I’d recommend you just go and give it a shot. It’s a fun few minutes. 

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