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Dreamhack CS:GO prize pool boosted by $250k crowd funding

The prize pool for the DreamHack Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament just got a whole lot bigger, thanks to an injection of a bucket-load of cash from a crowd funded, in-game item sale. Ultimately players bought so much stuff that the Dreamhack tournament will receive an extra $250,000 to dole out to winners.

As part of the Arms Deal Update Valve made to CS:GO a few weeks ago, special in-game items went up for sale. Those that bought these with real money, contributed directly to the official Dreamhack prize fund, in a similar way to how DotA 2's International pool was filled with money from people buying the compendium.

Steelseries nailed the sponsorship deal on this one

Thanks to those that bought the CS:GO items, the prize pool for the DreamHack championship will have one of the biggest cash awards in the game's history. It's thought that this sort of incentive will encourage teams to really practice and improve their playing ability, thereby raising the standards of the game and developing new techniques that will trickle down to the community as a whole – similar to how the meta game evolves in League of Legends.

Set to take place in Jonkoping, Sweden between 28th November and 1st December, DreamHack is the world's biggest LANparty, dwarfing even the efforts of Multiplay in the UK.

KitGuru Says: I never played CS:GO myself, even if I did play a bit of the original CS 1.6 back in the day. I was more of an original Team Fortress player myself. What about the rest of you though? Any big CS:GO players around?

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