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Vodafone lists UK iPhone 5s prices

Vodafone has announced its pricing plans for Apple's upcoming iPhone 5s smartphone ahead of its release in just three days time, along with potential upgrade options for those that haven't quite reached the end of their contract yet and still want to get in on the latest fruity fashion item.

The mobile network provider was keen to suggest that it would have plenty of stock of Apple's latest hardware, whether you ordered over the phone, online or queued up to buy one in store. However, should that stock run out, Vodafone has pledged to fulfil all orders in a timely fashion.

As well intentioned as that is though, there's no guarantee when a second round of stock will arrive.

I swear if you cross your eyes a bit you can forget which is which.

Since the new 5s supports the 4G network standard, it will be available at launch on one of several price-plan packages: Red 4G ready, Red 4G ready L and Red 4G ready XL. The difference between these are mostly data and price, but there's a couple of extras and the phone pricing changes also.

For the standard ready package, punters will be spending £47 per month, giving them 6GB of monthly data until the end of October, six months of Sky Sports or Spotify Premium, with prices of the phone itself ranging from £79 for the 16GB versions, £149 for the 32GB and £229 for the 64GB model. If you go for the ready L package, it'll cost £52 a month, offer 8GB of data, 24 months of Sky or Spotify and phone prices are reduced to £19, £99 and £159 respectively. At the top end with the XL package, everything is increased again, giving 12GB of data, 24 months of Sky or Spotify and a phone priced at £19, £49 or £99 – all for £57 a month.

All of them are 24 month plans, so don't expect to upgrade again any time soon, though those currently on long term contracts with Vodafone using a iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII or Galaxy note phone can trade in their handset and pay off just 25 per cent of the remaining time to become eligible for an iPhone 5s upgrade.

For those wanting a shorter contract or standard 3G speeds, the costs and packages are a little different:

Financial crippling is totally worth it to have the latest phone for a couple of months… right?

KitGuru Says: Not being much of an Apple fan, I won't piss on anyone's bonfire here. Who's excited for the iPhone 5? I'm sure you're not waiting in line already – like this guy – but are you planning on picking one up on release? 

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