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Elder Scrolls Online will let you mob high level players

One of the big features in Elder Scrolls online, is going to be its end-game, army vs army, keep sieging battles, that will see scores of players battle against one another for control of territory and resources, but how do you make that relevant for low level players, when you have 50s stomping around one-shotting them? By making it so noobs have a chance of taking down maxed out characters too.

Speaking about this in a pre-Christmas blog post (cheers PCGamesN), Zenimax explained that player skill is as, if not more, important than level. “We’ve seen fights where a level 50 character has been killed by a level 10,” reads the post. “Of course, there’s strength in numbers, so even a highly-skilled level 50 character can be taken down by several low-level characters.”

That same 50 though, will still gain rewards for killing your lowly level 10, so you’ll need to watch you don’t make them too mad when you try and stab them in the leg.

Being a woman might help too…

You’ll also need to be smart about it. Don’t just go waltzing up to a group of high level players and challenge them to a duel, try guerilla tactics instead. Camping out off the beaten path and ambushing solo players with 20+ of your friends will bring them to a swift end, regardless of level or equipment.

There’s also objectives to capture in battle, which means the lower profile and lower priority players, have the chance to seize victory by not drawing attention to themselves as they skulk into the keep.

KitGuru Says: It’s been a long time since I really got into an MMO, but ES:O is starting to sound quite exciting, especially since there will be more to do than just power level to get to the good stuff. 

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