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Imgur’s biggest images of 2013

Imgur is one of the world’s biggest sites at this point, sporting traffic numbers that make it comparable to long term internet giants like Ebay. Therefore when it says the biggest images of 2013 for Imgur, it really means the biggest images for the internet as a whole. With that in mind, it’s posted the top 13 that did the rounds on the site and most likely elsewhere too.


This one made number 12, featuring both a diver and his new friend the sideways looking fish. Encountered in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, it looks like a screengrab from a Nemo sequel.


Coming in at #9, this stunning image captured the reflections caused by ice crystals in some cirrostratus clouds in the skies over Finland, creating one of the most impressive pictures of the year.


There might have been a lot of talk about that Obama selfie at the Nelson Mandela memorial, but this one is perhaps an even bigger get considering who it involves and the relative anonymity of the camera’s owner.

What was number one though? This of course:


Kitguru Says: Guess that attempt to have it stripped from the internet didn’t go so well huh?

All credit for the images to their original creators and Imgur

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