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Talktalk is throlling Imgur in the name of the children

Net Neutrality is quite a hot topic around the internet based world at the moment, as it seems America and other countries may see the future as a gated community of permissions and access hierarchy and a lot of people aren’t happy with it. Similarly, not many people are happy …

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Imgur’s biggest images of 2013

Imgur is one of the world’s biggest sites at this point, sporting traffic numbers that make it comparable to long term internet giants like Ebay. Therefore when it says the biggest images of 2013 for Imgur, it really means the biggest images for the internet as a whole. With that …

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Sky torrent blocking knocks out Imgur

In another classic example of site blocking not achieving its original goals and simultaneously overstepping the mark into the realms of censoring completely legitimate content, Sky’s recent blocking of several torrent websites as per UK court orders, ended up also blocking popular image hosting site Imgur over the weekend. penis …

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