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Ben Heck creates one handed Xbox One controller

Console Modder, Ben Heck, has took it upon himself to create a single handed accessibility mod for the Xbox One controller to help disabled gamers. The controller mod was created in conjunction with Newark Element14, which revealed the new controller in a teaser for the next episode of The Ben Heck Show, which features on the Element14 YouTube channel.


The Modder’s latest project was outlined briefly during the teaser with Heck demonstrating how he re-arranged the controller for right handed use. The revamped controller includes a spiked thumb-stick to help users easily differentiate between up, down, left and right while the back features a D-pad and left trigger. Gamespot has pointed out that this isn’t the first accessible controller that Heck has created, he did the same for the Xbox 360 controller a few years ago. It’s not clear if he plans to make a left handed version of this but all of the details will be revealed on Friday’s episode of ‘The Ben Heck Show’.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35xKkVPG6j0′]

The controller is going to be donated to the Able Gamers Foundation,  a charity which was founded nine years ago to help disabled gamers with the cost of the accessibility hardware required for them to enjoy games.

KitGuru Says: It’s always nice to see gamers doing good for other gamers. Have any of you guys ever experimented with modding?

Sources: Element14, Gamespot

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