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Get cooperative in new Humble Bundle

While the Humble Bundle seems a little less special these days, due to its increased frequency, the Humble Weekly Sale and the constantly open and selling Humble Store, that doesn't mean that a new bundle isn't cause for celebration, especially when it's packed with as much cooperative action as this one.

Termed, the Humble Jumbo Bundle, it packs Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2 and Magicka + two DLC packs (Vietnam and Dungeons and Daemons) and as usual, if you beat the average you get even more. In this case, you'll get Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack, Garry's Mod and Serious Sam 3: BFE edition.

I really liked Magicka. Shame I always had network problems with it.

It also wouldn't be a Humble Bundle without a fine introduction video featuring Sean Connery, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Walken and pals:

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gJrB-cHT80′]

This is also one of those bundles that isn't DRM free and most of the games only support Windows, but Natural Selection, Garry's Mod and Serious Sam 3 all support Linux and the latter two can also be played on Macs. Charity is supported as always, but there's no EFF this time. Watsi and Child's Play are still there for you to customise your payment sliders in favour of though.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle is selling fast already, so thankfully there aren't limited copies. There's been over 317,000 users, all paying roughly $4.15, so it's not difficult to beat the average, but that will go up over time remember.

The guys behind the bundle have also said more games will be added to the bundle soon.

KitGuru Says: Always good to support these ones, especially since so much ends up going to charity. 

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