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Crytek launches CryEngine V with new business model

CryEngine has proven to be one of the more impressive graphical engines since its debut with version 1. Now today, Crytek is launching CryEngine V and has also announced a change in business model, allowing developers wanting to use the engine to ‘pay what they want'. “CRYENGINE V launches today …

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The 2K Humble Bundle is live

It has been a while since we've had a big publisher launch a Humble Bundle but they usually go down pretty well with gamers. This time 2K is in the spotlight, offering up games like Bioshock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Darkness II for as little as you wish to …

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Get cooperative in new Humble Bundle

While the Humble Bundle seems a little less special these days, due to its increased frequency, the Humble Weekly Sale and the constantly open and selling Humble Store, that doesn't mean that a new bundle isn't cause for celebration, especially when it's packed with as much cooperative action as this …

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