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Good at games? Want to win money? Here’s how

Are you good at games but don't have a team around you to help you get into the big leagues? Maybe you're just a talented amateur who doesn't like the idea of the professional limelight. Either way, there's now a way you can turn your gaming skills into pounds, pounds, pounds, using LEETcoin.

“The future of gaming has arrived,” reads the top of LEETcoin's website. “LEETcoin allows you to compete in your favourite first-person-shooters for bitcoins. BTC is transferred from the losers to the winners instantly.”

The idea behind it, is that you desposit bitcoins in your LEETcoin account, connect to Steam through the service and enter into a wagering system every time you play. Currently Counter Strike Source is the only supported game (though Counter Strike Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 are next on the horizon), but playing on one of LEETcoin's servers, will net you 0.001 bitcoin per kill, or around £0.09. While this isn't a lot, if you rack up a decent number of kills each time you play, you could build a nice little nest egg. .


In time, other wagering options will be introduced too, with higher and lower stakes, which should help separate the great players, from those just trying the service out. This will likely be necessary, as if enough people come aboard, I can see it being a bit hectic for relatively new players.

It's not clear whether Steam is aware of LEETcoin at the moment though or whether it would approve of it if it did, so it might be wise to hold back from signing up for now until it's a bit more fleshed out. But, if you want to jump in and start racking up the dollars alongside your kills, you can sign up for LEETcoin at the official site.

Kitguru Says: I wouldn't sign up for this myself, as I'd get destroyed. It's been so long since I was good at an FPS, but what about you Counter Strike veterans? Fancy making some easy money?

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