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Green Man Gaming takes financial hit to help Aussie gamers

Australian gamers may get beautiful weather, fantastic scenery and the envy of almost every holiday maker in the world, but they do get shafted when it comes to games. Prices are often far higher than elsewhere in the world, release dates are behind everyone else and it took until January of this year to see them get an official 18+ age rating. Some companies however, appear to be interested in giving these poor souls a helping hand: Green Man Gaming is discounting certain titles by cutting into its own profits.

For those that don't know, Green Man operates like many other digital distribution platforms, like GoG or GameStop's Impulse. However it's doing something others aren't, as despite publishers pushing for increased digital retail pricing in Australia, Green Man is offering a 30 per cent discount code for its customers.

Green Man Gaming
Do you think its logo takes some inspiration from Reddit?

“The ANZ markets are very important to us and we get a lot of love there,” GMG told PCGamesN. “It was a hard decision to take at the time but we've been looking at ways of remedying the situation since. ”

“We hope that having a special voucher across these titles, at GMG's cost, will help us win back a lot of the goodwill in these markets that took us over 2 years to establish.”

The voucher will only work on certain titles, but they're big popular ones like: Borderlands 2 and its DLC, Spec Ops: The Line, XCom Enemy Unknown and Civilisation V: Gods and Kings.

For those who want a quick copy paste, the code is: GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW.

Not to continue plugging the service too much, but there's another 20 per cent discount code for a lot of GMG's available titles, though it can't be used in conjunction with the other. That one is: GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK

KitGuru Says: Nice to see a digital distribution platform other than Steam coming off as humane and caring of its consumer base. Any Aussie KG readers out there got a comment on the current state of games buying down under? Let us know.

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