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Func designer gives details on MS-3 mouse launch

The folks over at Func are very pleased with themselves. Originally founded in 1999 by a group of gamers, Func is one of the oldest gaming brands on the market and today sees the launch of its MS-3 professional quality gaming mouse.
KitGuru gives the product a scan to see if FUNC has called the design correctly.


From the time Func released its first products, the company has hit the market in quite a spectacular way. The double-sided Func Surface 1030 won awards from nearly every major site and magazine in the industry. Now they are stepping up the drive to becomes a major brand outside the elite – and the MS-3 is Func's first full salvo.

Ever wonder how long it takes to bring a brand new mouse to market? How complicated the project can be?

Arvid Pålsson, product developer on the MS-3 project, was on hand to explain the process.

“It took us nearly 1.5 years to bring the Func MS-3 to perfection”, Said Arvid. “Which speaks to the spirit and dedication we put into this product. What we have been trying to accomplish during the project is simple and can be summarized in one word, Advantage”.

It's true that,  for serious players, even the slightest advantage can be the difference between winning and losing. So what does Arvid mean by ‘Advantage' and what levels did Func go to try and achieve this state?

“We anatomically studied the hand to create a deeper understanding of how we can develop an ergonomic shape to keep your hand strain and stress-free while optimizing the button positioning”, Arvid explained.

“The MS-3 is indeed equipped with many buttons but they can all be reached without taking your eyes off the screen. We evaluated and re-worked the mouse several times before we were satisfied with the shape and button positioning – but I have to admit that the result is fantastic”.

Func knows how to make serous gamers happy, as Erica Vernersson found out when she won a PC worth 10,000Kr on the Func stand at at Dreamhack. Understanding the serious gaming community is crucial for a company like Func.

Mice are like faces, even the most subtle difference is enough to move a model from ‘Not bad' to ‘OMG' status.

Arvid went on, “Another important piece in this puzzle, which has been a focus for us, is quality. We have a reputation to uphold, everybody knows how good our other products are. The MS-3 is equipped with the best components we could get our hands on to meet the requirement of a long product lifetime”, he said.

So what are the specifics of the new design?

Well Func claims to be breaking new ground by introducing an ergonomic gaming mouse which features 10 fully programmable buttons. It also has a clean black rubber coated body, which aims to offer a sophisticated and detailed ergonomic design – coupled with multiple setting capabilities. Effectively, the Func MS-3 delivers a tool suitable for hours and hours of gaming.

We're guessing that it does not give Nintendo-style “Go and have a rest now” messages every half hour or so.

The Func MS-3 is equipped with an accurate and reliable Avago 9500 laser sensor offering adjustable lift-off distance, an instant DPI step switch, excellent tracking capabilities and a configurable report rate.

The on-board memory holds up to 3 fully programmable profiles as well as recorded macros (as if you're ever gonna share or try another game!). Each button has a specifically designed mechanical switch – with individually adjusted pressure force. Nice

A discrete LED indicator sits right under the notch over the thumb buttons, telling you which profile and DPI step is active. The LEDs can be customized or turned off to match up with your other computer equipment.

'Standing on the shoulders of giants' - the brand new Func MS-3 professional gaming mouse comes from the same company that produced the multi-award winning Surface 1030 mouse pad. Click the MS-3 mouse for more pics.

KitGuru says: At current exchange rates, the $79 asking price will probably translate to around £59/€69 including local sales taxes for the UK and Europe. Available in February, the Func MS-3 is entering a very competitive market – we'll soon know if it has the weapons needed to survive on these tough streets.

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