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Grim Fandango mod adds mouse support

Grim Fandango is one of the best remembered adventure titles of yesteryear, making it criminal that it’s yet to appear on a site like GoG.com. However, at least if you do manage to get yourself a disc copy, or find a dubiously legal copy on some file sharing site, you’ll be able to play it in the style of all Lucasarts games from back in the day: as a point and click title.

While Grim Fandango was funny, challenging and sometimes just odd, controlling the main character with the keyboard was always a clunky input method. With a fixed camera, sometimes you’d run to a new screen, only for the perspective to flip and suddenly you’re running back the way we came, over and over. This new mod puts an end to that, though the author does admit that this is in alpha at the moment, so there’s likely to be bugs.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8DKMM65Jk0′]

Also, setting it up isn’t particularly easy:
1. Clone my repository: https://github.com/tobiaspfaff/grim_mouse
2. Build
3. Copy dists/engine-data/mouse.lab into your game file directory (where data001.lab is located)
4. Setup Grim Fandango like you would normally
5. Play
6. Run into a brazillion annoying bugs, and report them Smile: https://github.com/tobiaspfaff/grim_mouse/issues

There’s slightly simpler instructions in this Reddit thread, but the unconfident might be better off waiting for a more final release.

You can now double click to run or hit the middle mouse button to open your inventory

Kitguru says: I may have to give this game another shot, though it wasn’t controls that halted my first big playthrough of Grim Fandango, but the fact that it crashed every time I tried to get passed a certain point. 

[Thanks Kotaku]

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