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GTA V has its own social network, shows off supercars

The release of Rockstar's long awaited Grand Theft Auto V is just days away at this point and gamers around the world are biting their nails to the quick in anticipation. To help take this feverish excitement to new heights however and give us an extra insight into the game world, Rockstar has now launched Life Invader, the GTA V social network that features company pages from some of the game's better known establishments.

Going to the main homepage – http://www.lifeinvader.com – sends you to a random page on the site. Some of those include the always legally sound, Warstock Cache and Carry, which provides ex-military vehicles to the discerning… erm… self defence specialist?

Some choice quotes from that fine company include: “Remember, no background checks!” and “[If you're] just a military hobbyist with a worrying amount of disposable income, we’ve got you covered.”

There's the ghetto themed “Herr Kutz Barber,” too, which specialises in, well getting your “herr did.” You might ask why it looks so old school, but that's deliberate! “A trip to Herr Kutz is like stepping back in time. We’d modernize but then the hipsters would stop coming in.”

One company that will get gamers excited though, is Los Santos Customs, which offers new paint jobs, repairs and upgrades – as well as some of the most powerful supercars in the game. The always excellent Infernus makes a return from previous games, but see if you can guess what car the Truffade Adder is based off of.


There's some testimonials on their page, including: “Thanks LSC for getting me kitted out! Finally women look at me again with something other than disgust.”

KitGuru Says: Come on Rockstar, I'm not buying this on a console. Give us a PC version that we don't have to wait a year for. Please? 

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