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Microsoft buys Xbone.com domain, admits its not a fan

In an effort to corral any further hate against its upcoming Xbox One console into a more manageable state, Microsoft has purchased the Xbox One domain name, Xbone.com, for an undisclosed sum. At the same time, Major Nelson admitted that he's not a fan of the nickname. Not at all.

Visiting the Xbone.com domain now, simply takes you to a Bing search for the nickname itself. The top result being other sites discussing this domain purchase. Maybe we can get KG to the top of that list?

It's somewhat of a surprise that Microsoft paid off whoever owned the Xbone domain, since it was recently granted XboneOne.com and XboxOne.net after pursuing a legal precedent for ownership against those that previously bought them up after the Microsoft reveal.

It really is a good nickname though…

Perhaps it was to keep the Xbone name from getting thrown around any more than necessary, as Major Nelson (otherwise known by his real name, Larry Hryb) recently said in an interview on NeoGAF, that he's not a fan of the Xbone moniker. His reasoning? He believes making fun of the console is disrespectful of the team that put “thousands of hours into the development of the product. Sure it's cheeky,” he said, “but I don't care for it myself.”

KitGuru Says: This is where I should list things that people have spent thousands of hours on that are terrible or have caused real hurt to mankind. But that would be distasteful. I'm sure you've thought of your own anyway.

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