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Microsoft says GAME replaced Xbox One is invalid

While a handful of Xbox One owners have suffered from that wobbly gear problem, Microsoft has been good enough to be quite prompt with replacements. It’s also been offering up a free game to apologise for the gaff. However, one Kitguru reader who got his replaced through retailer GAME, has …

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Microsoft buys Xbone.com domain, admits its not a fan

In an effort to corral any further hate against its upcoming Xbox One console into a more manageable state, Microsoft has purchased the Xbox One domain name, Xbone.com, for an undisclosed sum. At the same time, Major Nelson admitted that he’s not a fan of the nickname. Not at all. …

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Cliffy B offers his take on the Xbone controversy

Cliff Bleszinski, or Cliffy B as he’s more commonly known, used to run the show over at Epic when it came to Gears of War development. Now he’s off doing other things but that doesn’t mean people haven’t been asking him what he thinks of the whole Xbox One debacle. Expanding …

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Xbox One is now more confused than ever

While Microsoft might have down an about face on its policies for the upcoming next-gen Xbox One system, the console landscape is now more confused than ever. Yes there’s no 24 hour check-in system, yes you can resell, trade and lend your game discs to people, but you still need …

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