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Microsoft says GAME replaced Xbox One is invalid

While a handful of Xbox One owners have suffered from that wobbly gear problem, Microsoft has been good enough to be quite prompt with replacements. It’s also been offering up a free game to apologise for the gaff. However, one Kitguru reader who got his replaced through retailer GAME, has hit a brick wall: according to Microsoft, it’s an invalid replacement meaning he’s not due a free game.

That reader is Callum, and his Xbox One arrived with the faulty optical drive that has plagued a few gamers since the console’s release. He went to his local GAME the next day and secured a replacement. However, when Callum then went to claim his code from Microsoft for the free game, he was told that he had invalidated his eligibility for the compensation, because he went through GAME for the console switch.

No that’s not an internet bro-fist, that’s the tool you can use to fix the Xbox drive issue. Hit it. We’re not recommending it, but it does work, apparently

Obviously a bit put out, Callum chased this up, only to receive the following response from Microsoft:

“Hi Callum, we already have reviewed your concern here and for this, we are sorry to inform you that the said free game token will not be provided. The said game token is only provided to the customers who have concern regarding the optical disc drive (console unable to read game discs) on their Xbox One and who then opted to take advantage of our Advanced Exchange program in which a replacement console will be sent to them first and as soon as they received it, they will be sending the non-working one within 14 days.

“To process an Advanced Exchange, they would need to enter a credit card and a certain amount will be reflected on the instrument (which usually serves as a guarantee that the non working console will be returned to us.) If the customers were not able to send the non-working console back within the specified days, they will be charged for it (the actual amount that was on the payment instrument). That said token is also given to make sure that the customers can still play games online. If we happen to have the console already replaced directly from the retailers and it is working perfectly fine, then likely we won’t be able to get the said offer (game token.) ”

A bit of a shame that Callum didn’t get his free game, especially since he had to go and handle the replacement himself. It’s easy to see what Microsoft is saying, but in the gesture of good will it would have been nice to see a token issued.

Perhaps this is a quick lesson for anyone with a faulty Xbox One though. Replace it through Microsoft if you want the free game, or your local retailer (if that’s where you bought it) if you want a quicker turnaround.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to confirm this story and will update when we hear back from them.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think here? Do you think Callum deserved a free game token, or are Microsoft fair in denying it since his new console presumably is working fine? 

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  1. those of us with broken kinects that dies on day one are getting no compensation

  2. so i wonder what the certain amount is because in these times of everyone being short of money, and just after shelling out for a brand new xbox one you have to pay towards one thats faulty that you may not return. Surely microsoft can make both consoles useless if you dont send one back.
    My best experiences with companies are LOGITECH AND IOMEGA, Logitech always replace without a credit card and so do iomega I always send back though. Asus not so good.

  3. The game token was provided to allow for the people to be affected to be able to play something whilst the replacement was arranged. If he had it replaced by game, then he has a working Xbox that can play games. It was a goodwill gesture that he doesn’t need.

  4. seems like kind of a “duh” thing though. Always best to go through the company in question, 3rd party equals too complicated for those hourly wage call center reps…